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 Задание 2

Прочитайте текст под названием "Superbug". Выберите из списка (A-H) предложение, которое наилучшим образом передает содержание абзаца (21-27) статьи. В тексте есть одно лишнее утверждение.

Invasion of the Superbug

The mass attack of sweet potato whiteflies has destroyed billions of dollars worth of crops

 A          Insects have caused serious damage to the crops and have made farming difficult.
В          The insect multiplies amazingly quickly.
С          Wasps reproduce twice as fast as sweet potato whiteflies.

D          The farmers are advised to cover their crops as a means of protection.
E          America's fruit and vegetable market was not so rich this year.
F          The farmers may be forced to use chemicals which have not been proved safe.
G         Farmers cannot destroy the insect easily, which may cause food shortages.
H          Sweet potato whiteflies cannot survive in wet climates.



21By mid-November, fields which line the California – Mexico border are usually full of ripe fruit and vegetables. Instead, 95% of this year's crop has been lost or left to rot. America's melon, lettuce, citrus fruit and carrot harvests have all suffered hugely.

22The disaster has been attributed to a tiny insect known to scientists as the "sweet potato whitefly" but to farmers as the "Superbug". Millions of these hun­gry insects have spread throughout California, set­tling on the undersides of leaves and sucking plants dry, weakening or killing them in the process. Farm­ers first noticed the flies in July, and by September there were swarms of them looking like white clouds. Farm workers had trouble inhaling and eventually had to wear masks. As a result, California's $18 billion agricultural industry has been greatly alarmed by the pest.

23Unfortunately, the new superbug has no effective native predators in California and pesticides are largely useless against it. If the "attack" continues unchecked, many farmers could be put out of busi­ness for months. That could cause higher prices at the checkout. Already this year, the price of melons has doubled and many believe that the cost of lettuce at the supermarket could triple in price. In some areas, these foods may be in short supply.

24California farmers have been fighting other types of sweet potato whiteflies for years. But the superbug reproduces twice as fast as its relatives and consumes five times as much food from its victims. It came originally from the Middle East and reached America in the late eighties, probably hidden away in a cargo shipment.

25Other parts of America, like Florida, are a little too cool and rainy for the superbug's taste. But when the fly arrived in Southern California, probably in a fruit basket, it was suited to the dry weather and summer temperatures.

26Since all pesticides approved for use in California have been ineffective against the bug, the best advice agriculture officials can give is for farmers to cover devastated fields, denying the pests their food sources. In addition, roadways and ditches are being cleared of the weeds that encourage the whitefly. Farmers are also considering a "host-free" period in which they will do no planting at all.

27One possible long-term solution is a tiny wasp that lives in the California desert. It lays eggs on the whitefly, and when they hatch, the baby wasps eat the flies. In the next six months scientists will leave for the Middle East to look for a parasite from the fly's homeland that could combat it. Many farmers may have to resort to chemicals which are not yet approved in California before it is too late. 















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